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This exhausted and wounded coyote ran into a plaza in Rochester, New York looking for refuge from a vicious hunter and his pack of dogs who had attacked him (note injuries front and back legs).   Surrounded by media, curious onlookers, and officers from the Department of Environmental Conservation, the coyote was then dragged with a catch pole and loaded into the hunters truck with his dogs.  Terrified, the coyote was then taken to a wooded area to be finished off by the dogs. This atrocity all witnessed by and under the control of the DEC officers in New York; allowing the arrogant hunter to act like he owned the wild coyote and had the right have him ripped apart by dogs!    

Please contact the DEC and express your outrage and disgust over the inhumane and callous stand the officers took in this case.   At the VERY LEAST, the officers should have called the animal control officer and had the coyote humanely euthanized --assuming the law wouldn't allow for medical care and release.  Perhaps there was a wildlife rehabilitation center in or near Rochester where the coyote could have received help and after healing, been set free in a wild area.   


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