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Marquis Tanksley (who screams on the audiotape "HE HITTT ME") is autistic and has been and continues to beREPEATEDLY ASSAULTED, RESTRAINED, NEGLECTED and ABUSE at Columbus Developmental Center (CDC) which is an state run ICF/MR facility operated by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.


                               REPEATEDLY ASSAULTED!

                               REPEATEDLY RESTRAIN AND TIE TO A BED!

                               PLACE IN AN DANGEROUS PRONE RESTRAINT

                               PLACE IN A BASKET HOLD RESTRAINT

                               CLOTHES LOST, STOLEN, CUT & RIPPED BY STAFF

                               NO PHONE CALLS TO AND FROM HIS MOTHER!

                               WEEKLY VISITS FOR 60 MINS WITH MOM!

                               HAS TO VISIT WITH MOM IN ADMIN BUILDING 

                               ELOPED AND STAFF DIDNT KNOW IT AT THE TIME!

                               OVERMEDICATED 2 DAYS IN A ROW

                               MEDICAL AND PHYSICAL NEGLECT


                               LOSS OF ADEQUATE COMPANIONSHIP WITH MOM

                               LOSS OF FAMILY MEMBER AS GUARDIAN

 Marquis' mother WITNESSED AND AUDIOTAPED an employee punching Marquis forcefully in the chest, grabbing him by his shirt and jerking him to his feet before being practically thrown into an van. On the tape Marquis screams "HE HITTTT ME" after the state worker punched him in the chest!  Minutes earlier, Marquis' mother also WITNESSED AND AUDIOTAPED, two other employees placed Marquis in an dangerous prone restraint which has been banned in the state of Ohio. 

On March, 13, 2013 Franklin County Probate Court, OH recommitted Marquis to CDC for TWO ADDITIONAL YEARS (on the sole testimony of CDC's psychologist, who wrote in December, 2012 that Marquis was MILDLY RETARDED) after he was recommitted on December 14, 2012 for 90 days from a 30 day stay starting in November, 2012.  In Ohio, you have to be moderately retarded to be committed to an icf/mr facility and the court did not have clear and convincing evidence that he is moderately retarded.   The only witness for the probate hearing on March 13, 2013 was an psychologist that works at the facility. He wrote in December, 2012 in his evaluation that my son was MILDLY RETARDEDbut in court on March 13, 2012 he said he didnt know if my son was mildly or moderately retarded!!!!!!!! He said he hasnt been able to test him.  However, this CDC psychologist SENT AN REQUEST to the court that Marquis be confined there for another TWO YEARS!

Marquis and his mother have to visit outside of his living area in the administration building and Marquis and his mother are not allow to call or talk to one another on the phone. Marquis has repeatedly ask me to call him and asks why cant he call me.   I have not been allowed to see Marquis' room or living unit for obvious reasons! The visits were intrusive at first, meaning staff gave Marquis and his mother no privacy during their visits and sat in the room during the visits.  Visits are to be for 30 mins. only. However, they usually last up to an hour because Marquis is eager to see, be and talk with his mother and tells staff he wants more time with his mom after they come in and tell us we have a few minutes left.  CDC has always try to say i set off my son during our visits, its just a dirty excuse to try to say i shouldnt visit my son, so i cant see all the dirt that is going on over there. 

After i told the facility I SEEN and AUDIOTAPEDmy son being assaulted and abused by one of their employees, CDC stopped all visits until they were notified and told they were violating not only my son's rights but my right as well to see my child.  Also, residents have an federal right to visit with their families.  For over two weeks, i was not able to have any contact with Marquis and when he finally got to see me again, he cried like a baby, wondering why he hasnt seen me or talk to me.  It was heartbreaking but I tell Marquis i love him and i wont abandon him and neither will God.   Marquis has up to at least 3-5 staff assigned to him at all times even when he is asleep in bed and when i visit him i almost always see new staff.  

Staff (including the administrators and management) is UNFIT, UNTRAINED, ABUSIVE and WILL NOT REPORT ABUSE OF RESIDENTS by their co-workers/subordinates and there were 3 co-workers (along with me)  who seen Marquis being punched forcefully in the chest, grabbed by his shirt and jerked to his feet and practically thrown in a van by another employee. CDC's superintendent wrote in an MUI letter that "MARQUIS TRIES TO GET HIS STAFF IN TROUBLE".   Marquis is constantly triggered by the environment and staff and he misses seeing and talking to me everyday.  As I mentioned, I WITNESSED AND HAVE ON AUDIOTAPE a state worker punching my son in the chest and then proceeding to grab him by his shirt and jerking him to his feet and then practically throwing him in the van.   Minutes earlier, I ALSO WITNESSED AND AUDIOTAPED 2 other state workers placing my son in an prone restraint which has been banned in the State of Ohio for a few years because it restricts breathing.

Staff  has lost, stolen and cut up 98% of his clothes that i brought over to the facility for him and Marquis has not been allow to wear all the brand new clothes his mother brought to the center for him and which CDC signed for.  

Marquis has ran away from the facility without staff knowing about it at the time. Because the environment was triggering him, he ran across the street and knock out some windows in a house.

As mentioned above, Franklin County Probate Court, Ohio has recommitted Marquis to this same icf/mr facility (CDC) for another 2 years (after committing him for 30 days at Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities' request) and after committing him for an additional 90 days on December 14, 2012 and AFTER MARQUIS WAS BEATEN AND ASSAULTED AND DANGEROUSLY RESTRAINED on December 1, 2012 and beaten and assaulted the last time he was there in the early part of 2012, which was an voluntary admission. After he was discharged from his admission during the early part of 2012,  i told FCBDD about the abuse Marquis suffered in the early part of 2012 and that I never wanted him to be over there again.  Marquis and another resident told me Marquis was thrown to the floor and beaten in the head by an state worker during Marquis' first admission there and i have that on AUDIOTAPE. The superintendent wrote in an MUI letter that my son TRIES TO GET STAFF IN TROUBLE!!!

 Marquis has not been getting any kind of services or treatment, in fact, they havent done nothing for him but kept him in sensory overload and have repeatedly traumatized him with the repeated restraints, assaults, neglect and abuse. They have also TRIED TO KEEP ME from being with and talking with my son.  He has told me he doesnt like being tied up and he is restrained alot among all the other mistreatment he has been suffering.He gets very sad and is very fearful when i have to leave him.

He has gained over 50lbs. since November, 15, 2012 due to the medication they are forcing on him.

This is not just an governmental issue, it is an HUMANITY issue and IT IS CERTAINLY NOT AN  INDIVIDUAL ISSUE! They are being treated like animals without any feelings and God forbid if they have any aggressive behaviors. 

 Please let your voices be heard if you are against this type of cruel and inhumane treatment of any human being by signing and/or commenting on this petition. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart who has signed and/or comment in support of this petition.  As an christian woman, I believe God will see us thru and deliver justice in his own way and own time and what they do in secret, God will do openlyThank you for your support and may god bless each and every one of you!


Myra Tanksley

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                        PLEASE PAUSE FOR THIS CAUSE AND:

Support and protect the human and civil rights of one of our most vulnerable populations, the disabled!

Speak out against the abuse of...

                        PLEASE PAUSE FOR THIS CAUSE AND:

Support and protect the human and civil rights of one of our most vulnerable populations, the disabled!

Speak out against the abuse of autistic adults in facilities and institutions!

Demand the release of Marquis Tanksley so he can live an happy and productive life that we all are entitled to!

Prosecute the employees who have criminally assaulted and abused Marquis Tanksley and the employees who did not report the criminal assault and abuse of Marquis Tanksley!


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