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A dream is defined as: "a vision of something possible." If Martin Luther King has taught us anything, it is that dreams ARE possible. Founder Sue Meier once had a dream, and it took the form of this organization, Yes ICAN. YES is the affirmation of every individual's capacity to change and to make a difference. ICAN is the acronym for International Child Advocacy Network. The services provided through her agency go towards all individuals seeking assistance or information around child abuse, domestic violence and parenting. Yes ICAN was Sue's dream, but she soon found many others who shared in her dream and together we fight to break the silence and cycle of abuse.

Who are we fighting for? We fight for the estimated 6 million children involved in reports of child abuse made each year in America. Yes ICAN is the ONLY provider of online support by trained individuals- providing crisis, information and referral services word-wide. We provide a safe haven where survivors can come forward to discuss their experiences with other like-minded individuals in a secure environment.

YES, you can make a difference! The month of October is for all those who ever had a dream. We call on you to help make our dream a reality. There are 3 actions you can take to help us reach our goal of $2,000, so that we may keep our facilitated chatrooms open and free.

         1)  Donate $10 or more to the cause. Every dollar donated will go towards keeping our "doors" open and services free of charge.

         2)  Recruit 10 of your friends to donate.  If each friend donates $10 and encourages 10 of their own friends to donate, we will reach our goal in no time!

         3)  Share our dream with others via social media and the internet. Be sure to tell everyone why this cause is important to you: The more personally connected your friends and family feel, the more likely they are to get involved!  

We appreciate your support and know that with it, we are closer to fulfilling our dream of breaking the silence and cycle of abuse!  

                             "If you can dream it, you can do it"- Walt Disney  


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