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Romania Animal Rescue constantly receives requests for our help all over Romania.  Just recently I received this....and it is very distressing.  I hope you, our wonderful supporters, can help us get to Ramnicu Sarat to spay/neuter the 250 dogs that need our help. The local charity can fund 30 spays, RAR will match that with 50 more, but this is all we can afford, due to our campaigns that have already been assigned for April and May in Adjud, Tecuci, Craiova, Bistrita.  Please help us to help them! Here is the email I received:

"Dear Mrs. Janes, First of all we would like to apologize our daring to contact you directly, stealing precious minutes of your time in order to show our issue.We would like also to introduce our local Animal Protection Association "CAINI FERICITI" (HAPPY DOGS) from Ramnicu Sarat, a small city in Romania.We think that you already have some information about us because during last year we've got the kind support of Romania Animal Rescue Association with which you cooperate directly.We take this opportunity to thank you very much for your understanding and support offered to us last year. Without that support, would not have been possible to sterilize about 220 stray dogs.As Animal Protection Association ,  we are trying, despite of our poor resources, to save stray dogs and to promote the necessity of neutering as the only one option for stray dogs ,with real results and benefits for animals and humans  on long terms. Unfortunately the support of our local authorities is almost nonexistent and our hope to continue the neutering campaign started last year is badly shaken because Romania Animal Rescue Association informed us that there are no more funds for this.We must note also that we are living in a very small town , with poor people having no possibility for great money donation  ,and we are sincerely telling you that our present resources can't sustain the expenses required for a new neutering campaign.In the local shelter here, there are about 250 dogs caught from the streets to be neutered.The authorities transfer the complete  responsibility on our shoulders, and they justify this due to funds missing.We are in a dramatic deadlock  cause there are only two options now : neutering or euthanasia for the dogs.Our entreaty is heading again to you as being our only hope to save these innocent  beings which became to be treated as enemy of humans not the best friend, a marvelous gift received from the nature.We assure you of our gratitude and we will always consider you a friend indeed cause you are our friend in need.Our intention is to do our best to save animals , without any personal benefits and we will keep you informed  about all future actions we are dreaming on.Once again please help us to help them and to continue the sterilization campaign.  Sincerely Yours, All members of   "CAINI FERICITI" Association / Ramnicu Sarat"


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