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Show my support of empathy, care and compassion for all affected by Boston Marathon bombings

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Our empathy, care, compassion and active support go out to all affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.  Sign the petition to pledge your support of empathy, care and compassion.  The people affected need our support and care - we need to offer it as well.

I'm wondering what do you feel is the most empathic response to such an event?  How can we respond with maximum empathy and compassion? What does that look like? I'd be interested in your thoughts on that. We are all affected when we see these images. Join the discussion at

In the video and photos of the bombing aftermath I'm heartened to see the community immediately reach out to offer support in anyway they can.  People rush to the injured to offer first aid.  Some clear the path so that emergency workers can have easier access. The community actively rallies around to express their concern and care in tangible actions that hold the well being of those effected in their hearts.   

My friend Darci called me to find out how we could offer empathic listening to those affected.  Perhaps having an online system of rapid empathic responders would be good to set up. Just to have someone to talk with can be supportive to those in shock.  It would be a tangible way for people anywhere in the country to reach out and support those directly affected or in need of emotional support. People who have been injured and shocked need people to talk with and share their feelings and find connection.  

Acts of terror are meant to inspire fear which lowers our empathic connections with each other.  The antidote is to foster greater and deeper empathic connections.  Whatever the reason for these bombings; violence and unempathic actions are not the answer. This act comes out of a cold lack of empathy for all who would be affected. I'm deeply saddened to think people would be so indifferent as to do an act like this.  However, this indifference to others is all around the world.  For me this is really a call to transform society and raise the level of connection between all peoples.. 




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