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Germanys Federal Government and Niedersachsen´s Provincial (Bundesland) of Niedersachsen

We the People of Niedersachsen and People of Germany as Well as others with and intraest and concern for the Welfare of People and there Pets Reguest that the unfair Pet ownership laws of Niedersachsen Germany 2013 be repelled. Because they cause unfair burden on the People with Pets liveing in Nidersachsen Germany by taxing them to much unrealistic extra Money that will burden already full shelters by causeing People to loose there pets. This causes suffering to the People and Pets. Which is not right. and the People were not informed or given a Chance to have there say. Which is not Democratic. We are already paying Pet tax and for Microchips Vet care tags and Registration. We can not afford to pay more tax and for pet new Pet licences as well as Pet schooling and ownership tests. This is a completly unfair undmocratic and unjust Burden that will cause suffering of The People and Pets. We regust that this law be cancelled. We demand our say.!

 Thank You.


Henry Krauss

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People should sighn if they have any concern for. Animal and Pet welfare. For the Love of Freedom. For Preservation of Peoples rights and to Keep the shelters already full from a catastrophy. Thank you.

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