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Anti-Trafficking Groups, Faith-based Community Events and Coalition News

outreach ministry of Wedgwood Christian Services dedicated to ending the sexual
exploitation of young men and women in West Michigan.

Act Out Ministries is partnering with Forsaken Generation to
bring human trafficking training to Flint Michigan!!

Planting Hope 2012 marked the beginning of an annual
community event to combat human trafficking in Michigan.

Freedom Out of Ashes, Bringing an End
to Slavery One Life at a Time

tell the truth about slavery

Working to open
a safe house for female victims of human trafficking under 18 years old.

Helping people
use their gifts and talents to prevent and end slavery in Michigan and beyond.

Facilitates a
collaborative effort between law enforcement and social service agencies to
stop human trafficking in Michigan.

bridges with other organizations committed to combating human trafficking.

Abolitionists against modern day slavery

to strip clubs in Grand Rapids, Lansing and Detroit.

homeless and high-risk girls and young women in Detroit.

outreach and the Bridge.

the demand for domestic sex trafficking.

Anti-Trafficking Groups, Faith-based Community Events and Coalition News

Richard A. Sands, Ret. PI

Richard A. Sands, MIRRC Board Chair & President

Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition

"Building Bridges, Building Community,

Building Hope for Survivors of Human Trafficking"

Cell: (734) 771-7251 Fax: (734)

[email protected]

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