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Rivers of oil through Arkansas backyards... 12 spills in the first Keystone pipeline's first year... Two years later, the Kalamazoo, Michigan spill still not cleaned up. It's time to say no to spills, no to tar sands, and yes to the climate!

This is the final official comment period for Keystone XL. Sierra Club supporters like you have already submitted over 100,000 comments -- we need to keep it up and push the environmental community's national total to one million by April 22!

In the weeks since the report came out, there have been three major oil spills in the United States, including one that poured 84,000 gallons of tar sands into Arkansas backyards. With stakes this high, there is no excuse for the White House to approve Keystone XL -- and it's up to activists like you to make sure the president gets the message: It's impossible to fight climate change while simultaneously investing in one of the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fossil fuels on the planet.


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