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The government must impose regulations to phase out lead in paint and stop exposing the children of Bangladesh to toxic amount of lead. 

The average lead concentration for lead based enamel paints in Bangladesh is almost 300 times greater than the levels of lead permitted in paints by the World Health Organization (WHO), European Union (EU) and United States Standards.  Indeed, one paint sampled in 2011 exceeded the 90 parts per billion limit recommended by the WHO by over 2,300 times.   

Young children exposed to lead paint are likely to chew on objects coated in lead paint, eat paint chips from flaking lead paint, or inhale dust from lead paint.   Lead has a particularly severe impact on young children and unborn fetus' including:    

  • Retarded fetal development even at relatively low exposure levels;    
  • Damage to the brain and nervous system;    
  • Behavioural problems;    
  • Anemia;    
  • Liver and kidney damage;    
  • Hearing loss;    
  • Hyperactivity;    
  • Developmental delays;    
  • In extreme cases, death.  

In adults lead poisoning will cause:   Poor muscle coordination;   Nerve damage to the sense organs and nerves controlling the body;   Increased blood pressure;   Hearing and vision impairment, and   Reproductive problems.     

Lead based paints also contribute to the buildup of lead in the environment.  Lead does not break down within the natural environment and the toxic effects of lead accumulation in the soil and water can leave areas unviable for plants and animals.  Lead free alternatives are available from both local and multi-national paint manufacturers.  

Lead can be eliminated from paint in Bangladesh without reducing the quality or range of colors available.  Therefore it is critical for the Government of Bangladesh to protect its children and eliminates lead paint.  

 For more information on Environment and Society Development Organization's (ESDO) work to eliminate lead from paint, please see our website:   To help support our efforts for a sustainable and toxic free Bangladesh by donating to ESDO, here:

References: Toxics Link, 2011. Double Standard: Investigating Lead (Pb) content in leading enamel paint brands in South Asia Hyperlink:

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