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Foster or adopt one or more animals from a rescue shelter.

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How this will help

It is heartbreaking how many pets are bred, purchased and discarded only to end up in a rescue site. Please do not buy your pets from breeders or pet stores. This only encourages more crowded shelters.

 I officially adopted our two cats Justice and Thorton on Saturday, from a rescue agency. We also have three rescue dogs now, Jack, Sara and Cooper, one from a rescue site and two off Kijiji.

Kijiji, "Give up on your animal" sales, are rescues as far as I am concerned.

So in my retirement, I have saved five rescue animals. If everyone in retirement saved one, or two, or three abandoned pets, :)), there would be quieter shelters.

So you retirees out there, do your bit, foster or adopt a rescue pet. :))
The pledge can be taken by anyone, you do not have to be retired.

I am a "Retiree Rescuer" trying to help the cause of our four legged friends.

In particular, if you have retired friends out there, please send this link to them.


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