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This petition Addreass Federal and Provincial Governments as well as Media and Institutions. Shelters as well as those thatcreate fighting events for Bully Breeds and Institutions that do medical product testing on Bully Breeds

We the People that care for and Love Bully Breeds includeing Pitbulls and Bull Terriers as well as any Dog that Looks like them to be protected by Law so as not to be used for Animal testing or to be used as a fighting Dogs in Dog camps. We are Addreassing all Levels of Government World wide on Provincial and Federal Levels as well as Media and Institutions. to stop Amimal testing and Dog fighting and to stop the Invasion of Peoples Private Homes to take there Dogs which are Family for no good reason other than Media persecution. We Reguest laws to Protect Bully Breeds includeing Bull Terriers Pitbulls and Dogs that look like them. Thank you.


Henry Krauss

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People should sighn if they want an opportunity to Protect Bully Breeds Through Legislation from Persecution.


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