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We the People that care for and Love Wolves and Nature. Reguest that Wolves be Protected through Legislation that insures there are no cruel hunting methods being used such as gaseing Young pups in the den. No use of hunting Dogs to rip Wolves and there Babies apart. No use of Helicopters and snowmobiles to hunt with semmi automatics, No use of cruel traps or poison that cause suffering to the Wolves and other animals as well as pose a threat to People Young and old that go out in the Woods to enjoy nature. We the People are adressing all Governments Worldwide as well as Media animal shelters. Institutions. Hunters as well as Provincial and State Government Parties Worldwide to Protect Wolves Worldwide through Legislation from cruel hunting methods. We want it to be undestood Wolves are our Friends we care about them and want them preserved for future Generations and for a proper functioning echo System. We are purposley being made to suffer Imotionally by hunters that post Videos and Pictures as well as articles that Show purposfull cruelty being done to Wolves. This is Crimminal as it directly Targets an individuals emotions and causes suffering to that individual. That is Illegal and We the People want Laws that stop that from Happening. The Wolf must be put back on the Endangered specis list and protected through Legislation Worldwide.!


Henry Krauss

Sighning this Petition is a way to take steps to Change laws in order to protect and preserve wolves and stop cruel hunting methods as well as stop the use of Videos and Pictures and stories being posted by media and hunters that target those of us that care through the posting of Cruel Videos and pics depicting the killing of Wolves. That is a crimminal act premeditated.!


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