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How this will help

We are encouraged by the overwhelming worldwide support we are getting for the campaign to fight rape culture, spreading in our society like an epidemic. We can help this campaign by making the general people aware of the dangerous trends we are witnessing about the rape culture, gender based violence, sexual harassment of the working women at work places, increasing incidences of the gang rapes of minor girls and their subsequent murders. Remember this all is happening in our society and it is the females who are blamed for this, by the high profile people and this is the important feature of the rape culture i.e. is put the blame on the victim rather than helping her emotionally and physically. We can fight rape culture by holding protests, seminars, meetings, taking out rallies, candle marches and encouraging the victims to report their cases. Slowly but surely our number will increase and then we can plan an International meeting on the subject. Remember it is our genuine fight that will bring good results.

The latest case of a minor girl from Haryana ( NORTH INDIA) about the abduction and gang rape of a minor girl, twice in a span of two months and the behavior of the police is another example of our casual approach towards the problem. The helpless girl is running from pillar to post to bring the culprits to book and she is getting little support from the police and other organizations. It shows that we have still not learned our lessons well and are asking for more and more trouble. Another case which has raised a storm in the corridors of journalism involving high profile people has enraged our society further and the women are feeling that are not safe at any place and position. It is our duty to spread awareness and take a pledge to fight the rape culture

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