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Article rank 6 Apr 2013Daily MailBy John StevensSeaside cat killer claims 50th victim in new wave of poisoningZoomBookmarkSharePrintListenTranslateA SERIAL cat killer is being blamed for the deaths of more than 50 pets in a seaside town.Poisoned: Tilly with Georgia Salter, 14The death toll has been steadily mounting in Harwich, Essex – where 13 animals were poisoned in the past few weeks.Some of the pets were discovered next to suspicious bowls of cat food and meat laced with chemicals.Josephine Lindley's black cat Jim died at the end of last month after he was poisoned with antifreeze, which causes painful kidney failure.The pets are attracted to the sweetness of the antifreeze, but are left facing a near-inevitable death thanks to the active ingredient – ethylene glycol.Miss Lindley now believes that there is a serial cat killer deliberately poisoning the animals.She said: 'I had to have Jim put down. He was a wonderful cat. He loved other cats, was not a hunter and was incredibly affectionate.'Someone decided to put antifreeze down and end his life.'I cannot believe his death will really make life so much better for that one person.'But what has happened has definitely made mine a lot darker.'There have also been six cat deaths in nearby Shoeburyness.Kiely Salter, 36, and her 14-year-old daughter Georgia were left heartbroken when their cats Tilly and Stella were poisoned.Mrs Salter said: 'They died a horrible, cruel death and it certainly was not quick.'I was with Tilly before she died and that cat was suffering horribly. The vet told me afterwards that her kidney was like that of a 15-year-old cat. My daughter is devastated as they were inseparable.'After her two cats died, Miss Salter spoke to her neighbours to warn them to be vigilant, only to find that their cats had also suffered grisly deaths.Three of Glen Brunsden's four cats died after an abandoned bowl of cat food was spotted on his street. He has mapped the 50 deaths over the past year and has also set up a Facebook page for grieving owners.He said that the spate of poisonings has attracted interest from around the world, adding: 'I've had messages from people in America and Australia inquiring into the latest developments and passing on their best wishes.'Another cat owner, who did not wish to be named, said: 'It's very worrying for us because our cat means the world to us.'People say it could be an accident but six cats are now dead and two more are missing.'It does not take a genius to work out that something sinister is going on and that we have a cat killer round here.' But why would someone want to harm them? It makes me angry to think about how they died.'

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