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Stand up for Elder Justice

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As a result of the inconsistencies in the definition of what constitutes elder abuse, many times these cases are not labeled as "elder abuse cases", therefore go unprosecuted. Despite the existence of the current laws established to protect the elderly, most of the elder abuse cases are often not prosecuted for many other reasons: including the assumptions and the stereotypes that are commonly made about the elderly, along with the length of time it takes in charging and bringing the accused abuser to trial. There must be a 'rock-solid and, an in-depth definition of elder abuse including: defining the various forms of elder abuse, giving detailed examples about the various forms of elder abuse, and finally, it must be accepted among all of the state and local policy makers, all medical professionals, advocates, Adult protective services, and the courts.Many people are just now stepping forward to tell their story, including that this will no longer be tolerated, or get swept under the rug, or go unreported. As an end result, accountability is now being demanded for all those who abuse or neglect an elderly person with or without dementia. Take a stand with me and the countless others to tell society; that this is no longer going to go unnoticed, unreported and accountability is now being damanded. Stand up for elder Justice 2013 & 2014

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Lisa A. Bokesch


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