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Any and all citizens/tax payers of McKeesport,Versailles,Portvue,West Mifflin,WhiteOak

We the tax payers/residents request that Mr. Ken Ferree of Ferree Kennels be replaced as Animal Control Officer in the following places: McKeesport, Portvue, West Mifflin, WhiteOak, and Versailles Borough/Twp./City. We ask this be done as soon as possible because of the reasons below. Mr. Ferree is known for the following and isn't acceptable as a representative of our twp/borough/city.

1) Ferree is know for harassing residents of the above twp/borough/city, and abuses his power of Animal Control Officer, and uses his position to harass or annoy residents.

2) Ferree is sworn in a an officer and should adhere to the code of ethics as a public servant, with this Ferree does spread rumors and also information he receives from investigating cases. He also uses social Media websites to spread this rumors and confidential information to the whole world. 

3) Ferree does use his position as Animal Control Officer for his own personal gain including citing or harassing residents that he doesn't like on a personal level.

4) Ferree is known for swearing at residents that he comes into contact with. He is also know for harassing minority groups, people with mental health issues, and has also threatened citizens of the above places.

5) Ferree do not take proper care of the animals in his custody. He doesn't feed the animals, He doesn't try to find the owners of the animals he has in his custody either.

6) Ferree does only accept cash payments and charges outrageous fees for his services, and also only accepts cash and REFUSES to give receipts.

7) Ferree refuses to let the public go into his building and look at the conditions that the animals stay in while in his custody. You can also almost NEVER get ahold of him during business hours. He never returns calls and if he does he does treat everyone like a criminal.

8) Ferree does have police reports filed against him for threatening residents with a gun, and also has used derogatory words towards citizens. He should not be acting this way as a Public Servant of the above places

9) Ferree do not treat the animals that he has in his custody with respect. He is also know for throwing dogs away in a dumpster instead of humanly getting rid of the animals. He also harasses certain animal owners because of the type of animal they own, or he will bend the law to suit his needs instead of enforcing it the way it should be enforced.

10) Ferree does kill animals after the state minimum hold rather then try to rehome the said animal. he has had an open door policy with the humane society for at least 5 years and haven't used them until recently after the PA law was just changed.

We would like to state that everything in this petition is true to the best of our knowledge and there is also written/verbal statements or documentation on everything stated above. In conclusion we the tax payers/citizens of the above twp/borough/city ask that Ken Ferree be removed as Animal Control Officer in McKeesport, Versailles, WhiteOak, Portvue and West Mifflin. We ask that you replace him with another animal control officer. We also request that any and all animals found in the above areas have a fair chance to be brought back to their homes and if no home is found they will be put up for adoption through either the Shelters such as the humane society, animal friends, animal rescue league, or through local rescues such as O&P Rescue, Furkids Rescue, Animals Against The Odds, True Companion Animal Rescue. and any other rescues in the areas stated above.


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The citizens of the above places should sign this page to rid our communities of this inhumane, unprofessional animal control officer. If you live in these areas and have a pet you will at some...

The citizens of the above places should sign this page to rid our communities of this inhumane, unprofessional animal control officer. If you live in these areas and have a pet you will at some point have a dealing with him and will see what this man is about.

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