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As we watch the crumbling of the United States of America in all areas; economy, security, religion, military, etc.. it becomes vastly apparent that the Union that once was, no longer exists.  Every day, more and more encroachments of our rights under the Constitution of the United States of America are being taken away from the law abiding citizens of the nation. Citizens no longer have a voice within the United States of America.  We are no longer represented in a national sense. The union between the United States of America and Texas dictates that the government must act in the best interest of the people, else government can be dissolved. The Federal Government of the United States of America is not acting in the best interest of Texan citizens.  Texas citizens are aware of this atrocity and demand that Texas be distanced from the ever impending collapse of the Union as a whole.  We pray for our rights under the Texas Constitution: Bill of Rights, to be upheld by our State government and respectfully request that our voices no longer be silenced by the very servants we have placed in office to defend those rights.  We call upon and challenge any of our state representatives to create and move forward a document of INDEPENDENCE, effective immediately, to preserve the great State of Texas and to establish Texas as an Independent and Free Nation, under her own Republican form of government.   We also call for a referendum to allow the Citizens of the state of Texas a ballot vote on this issue. 

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