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We, the undersigned People of the United States, are deeply concerned how the State of New Jersey has denied a decorated, combat veteran of the United States, his due rights as the plaintiff against a corrupt state government lawyer, Robert Correale, his former law firm, Maynard & Truland and all state government politicians and state officials who have protected them.We ask that you give John "Jack" Cunningham his Due Process that the State of New Jersey has denied him for over a decade. (Details at: ) "Signed,Jack Cunningham


Jack Cunningham

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Chris Christie Must Call For An Investigation Of His Political Friend Robert Correale, Esq.     Stop The Cover-Up

TYRANNY starts when court officials judge citizens based on law, yet ignore this same law for themselves and friends.

When it comes to government corruption, every citizen loses.

Government corruption, which is quite obvious in this case, is the vilest form of governmental abuse of power. As a retired police officer, this case violates every tenet that I placed my life on the line for every day, in order to uphold our constitution. Shame on New Jersey. Your state government's reputation precedes you, and this case confirms why.      Thomas Rossi


Since this disgraceful and illegal treatment is due to New Jersey state government fraud, there is no statute of limitations on bringing this to justice.


Help bring New Jersey Supreme Court lawyer Robert Correale to Justice.   

A friend of Governor Chris Christie, Robert Correale tried to handle his own law-client 'Jersey Style'.  But it back fired, when Correale's client, who happened to be a decorated combat Marine veteran, brought attorney ethics violations and legal malpractice charges against him and his law firm, Maynard & Truland of Morristown NJ. 

In both New Jersey's Supreme ad Superior Courts, Robert Correale was allowed to use his high level influence to save his career, his law firm and the reputation of New Jersey's Supreme Court Office of Attorney Ethics.

At one point, Correale was so desperate to save himself, he openly mocked in written Supreme Court documents, the PTSD symptoms of his former client, who served honorably in Vietnam.

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