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All people ! Regardless of race, ethnicity , Occupy everywhere

This petition has been draw up for several reasons..  Ost importantly to give acknowledgement to an ordinary man with an extraordinary dream! Oscar Zeta Acosta beat the odds , but couldnt cheat death! He is my Uncle and was a huge motivator for the Latino culture even running for Sherrif in Los Angeles and getting over 100,000 votes ! He did not win,but I believe he was doing big things and as HST said " he was one of Gods prototypes " He truly was too wired to live and too rare to die!! Please support him and my family by taking a stand for Chicanos , Blacks, women and all minority's to keep his legacy alive !!!


Stephanie Acosta

This petition closed almost 4 years ago

How this will help

Without your support we can't keep his legacy!alive! By signing this petition u are taking a stand for minority's everywhere !!!

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