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Minister for Agriculture Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney, TD

Dear Minister

We the undersigned ask you to introduce a new law to ban and make illegal the manufacture, sale, use, advertisement, distribution and possession/ownership of Larsen Traps in Ireland from 2013 onwards for the following reasons;

*It is downright sickening, unnecessary and outdated in a civilised, forward thinking modern Ireland.

*Denmark has banned the Larsen Trap.  The traps were designed in Denmark in the 1950s but the traps are now banned there due to the suffering caused, Ireland should follow their example.

*The traps require a LIVE bird to be permanently trapped inside to lure in other birds.

*Once lured into the trap the bird falls through a collapsing floor and finds
themselves trapped too.

*Before being brutally killed, they will be overcome with the fear and stress
of confinement. Some will suffer thirst, hunger and starvation while others will
sustain broken beaks and cut heads from futile attempts to smash their way to

*When parent birds are caught, their orphaned chicks will starve to death in nests.

*Larsen traps are also used to catch foxes and any other animal or bird able to fit in the trap and either be killed or sold for profit on 'black markets' for various dubious purposes.

*Traps can be found visible to the public in rural areas and areas of high interest to wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, hillwalkers, school tours, tourists etc which causes distress to children and adults alike.

*It is a huge turn off for tourists who witness the obvious distress of the captured creatures when touring Ireland. What image do they get of Ireland??

*Loss of revenue on items sold in 'black markets'.

*Tourists not returning and tourists spreading the word about this strange, outdated yet still legal practice.

*Loss of revenue from tourism/tourists.

*Revenue gained from fines for breaking the law.

*The cruelty to birds and animals used in the traps and the birds and animals captured in the traps is just horrific.

The above is just a sample of the main reasons we call for the ban.  We urge you to take this as seriously as we do and work with us on the introduction of this ban by the end of 2013.

Yours Sinerely


Caroline Dunlea

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People should sign this petition to help ban the horrific larsen traps and to make it impossible for people to make money from trapping birds and animals.


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