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The Neighbor program Mission:  "To outreach and solve the needs that impacts the quality of life of individuals and the community." We had a woman last week reach out. She wrote, Hi Anthony! How are you? I am writing to see if M.I.L.K. might be able to assist my best friend. Her husband passed away last August. Her kids just went to live with their dad in Texas. She has been keeping up with her rental house until recently and just can't afford it anymore. She is moving this weekend and desperately needs help packing, loading and cleaning. It's difficult to find affordable help that she can trust for this endeavor and all of us (her friends) have family obligations and are not able to assist. I was wondering if your group might be able to help her on Saturday. I understand this is short notice and if you are unavailable it is totally okay. If you have any any other ideas, please share. Hope to hear from you soon.

We were able to make a difference for her and the people that assisted by paying for the moving truck and storage units. This is why we need your donations and support so that we are able to assist when people are in need.

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