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How to help a friend with Sickle Cell Disease

Take care of yourself. When a close friend has a disease like sickle cell, it can take a toll on you, too. So try to be aware of your own emotional needs. It's particularly hard to watch someone you care about endure a pain crisis — it can feel helpless and scary. Think about how you want to respond and talk to your friend about what's most helpful. Talk with a trusted adult about the impact this has on you, or keep a journal or write poetry or songs to get your feelings out.

It can feel good to be there for your friend, in whatever way feels natural, so that the disease doesn't take center stage. More than anything, just focus on having fun together.

Cancer Research gets a lot of publicity, lets try and do the same for Sickle Cell Anemia. Click on the link to read the full status on how to help a friend with Sickle Cell Anemia

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