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This fundraiser closed 4 months ago

We are way, way over the top and I want to thank all of you for your support! Our  goal was $6,000; our final total is $10,000!

Ed Stuart came through BIG - as he always does when the chips are down - with a legacy donation that will ensure that the Community Education Center is build and finished properly.

For those of you who do not know Warm Heart well, Ed has long been a major support who provided for the reconstruction of our beautiful antique rice barn library and our first community coffee nursery in the mountains. Future generations of Warm Heart children, local community members and mountain villagers will know Ed's name, and for good reason!

But I also want to thank each an every one of you who contributed to building the Community Education Center. Every brick, every window, each door, every light fixture and switch - everything matters and so every donation matters. I cheered in my office with every donation, no matter what size, and added pieces to my mental image of the Center as construction went forward in my mind.

Again, thank Ed and thank you all.

To follow our progress, tune in to our Twitter stream at:

We are completing four volunteer houses in the next six weeks and will then begin on the Community Center.


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