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Dear Mr. President;

It is time to draw a distinct line that says our country, specifically the Federal Government, will not turn a blind eye to our military engaging in sexually harassing conduct on the internet. The military members that are contributing to the violence and harassment against women, via complicity, need to be confronted and reprimanded. 

In April, 2013, I came across meme's on the internet that display, female Marines and other military members, in a derogatory manner.  "F'n Wook", "Just the Tip of the Spear", "U Suckers Missed Christmas - USMC", and "Marine Corps Memes" post photos of Marines, daily, and allow derogatory or slanderous comments against our military members.  Marines or civilians can tag their friends or co-workers in these photos.  

The sites claiming affiliation with the Marine Corps and acting inappropriately are as follows 

(I know there are more but it is LITERALLY so out of control it is ridiculous):

1. F'N WOOK:!/pages/FN-WOOK/423599917707033?fref=ts

2. U SUCKERS MISSED CHRISTMAS - USMC:!/pages/U-Suckers-Missed-Christmas-USMC/110917572432738?fref=ts

3. JUST THE TIP OF THE SPEAR - JTTOTS:!/BloodyBlueFalcon?fref=ts

4. MARINE CORPS MEMES (they agreed to lay off of women):!/MarineMemes?fref=ts

I wrote to the moderator asking him to PLEASE stop posting images that are degrading to female Marines.  He commented that he had no affiliation to the military and that he makes fun of everyone.  If he has no affiliation to the military why is he using the "Marine Corps" in the title of his page?  All of these sites, or pages, appear to have an affiliation to the military.  When I tried contacting "F'n Wook" and "Just the Tip of the Spear" they stole my USMC Ball photo from my Facebook site and encouraged members of their forum to harass me.  It is EXTREMELY alarming to see the comments on some of these photos.  Some of these comments are made by people representing themselves as Marines!!!  If they are Marines are they not in violation of this Order?

4. Background. People are our most precious asset. Sexual harassment

devalues the individual and threatens unit cohesion. It has no place in

the Marine Corps. How we treat and care for each other and how we feel

about our organizations are vital to mission readiness. Leaders--officer,

enlisted and civilian--are obligated to uphold and protect the dignity of

all Marine Corps personnel. Accordingly, all Marine Corps personnel will

conduct themselves with honor, courage, and commitment and, likewise, all

Marine Corps personnel will be treated with dignity and respect.

What if this was your daughter or a member of your family?

5. Policy

a. Per references (a) and (b), no individual Marine or civilian

employee of the Marine Corps will:

(1) Commit sexual harassment, as defined in enclosure (1);

(2) Take reprisal action against a person who provides information

on an incident of alleged sexual harassment;

(3) Knowingly make a false accusation of sexual harassment; or

(4) While in a supervisory or command position, condone or ignore

sexual harassment of which he or she has knowledge or has reason to have


b. A violation of the provisions above by a Naval service member is

punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) as a violation

of U.S. Navy Regulations and Standards of Conduct, and can serve as the basis

for disciplinary action for civilian employees. Such behavior will be dealt

with immediately through the leadership/supervisory structures of the Marine


I was called a "bitch" and a "hooker" for trying to defend female Marines.  This order NEEDS TO BE ENFORCED AND THESE FEMALES NEED TO STOP BEING HARASSED!!!  

From my understanding these sites have been monitored for the past three years.  If these sites are monitored why am I having to file a complaint with the DOD Hotline, the VA Inspector General, and continuously having to contact people regarding this issue?  All of these sites have contributed to and accepted comments that female military members advanced because of sexual favors.  Could you imagine approaching a leadership position and your co-workers had read this information?  The argument, from the administrator's running these page's on Facebook, is that "If, it isn’t true it shouldn’t matter”.  It does matter!!!  This is harassment and as stated in the USMC Order above, sexual harassment “devalues the individual and threatens unit cohesion”.  Sir, you are the Chief Commanding Officer, and although VAWA is valiant we need to take action against the people contributing to this harassment.  It is obvious that these individuals refuse to accept women as their equals.  Perhaps, we cannot stop EVERYONE from discriminating against women but we can stop FEDERAL EMPLOYEES!!!  I beg you to review the comments made on the links above.

After I had filed a complaint with the DOD Hotline, I spoke with a mother of military rape victim.  Her daughter was raped during military training.  Her perpetrator ACTUALLY accused her of a crime, with no evidence, and she is being forced to attend a hearing.  Does this make sense to you?  Why is no one doing ANYTHING to help these women?  Sure there is VAWA but what do you do when you report a crime and are retaliated against?  What do you do when you report a crime and you are treated as a criminal?  What good are laws and orders if they are not enforced?  Rape victims, military women being misrepresented, and other crimes against women – should not be tolerated!  We should not place the burden of proof on the victim or think that these women are able to come forward.  They are not able to come forward.  We need to come forward, for them, be their voice and stop this ignorance before it destroys us.  Feres v. The United States needs to be re-examined and the STOP Act needs to be put into action.  

Thank you for your time.  

Respectfully Yours,

Kristen Strout


Kristen Skeeter

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What if members of the military accused your daughter of advancement, because of sexual favors, in a public forum?  Rape is three times greater in units that tolerate sexual harassment.


What if members of the military accused your daughter of advancement, because of sexual favors, in a public forum?  Rape is three times greater in units that tolerate sexual harassment.


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