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Please help remove these groups of individuals enjoying and making fun of the deaths and injuries caused to other people, as well as mocking their families. They use Karma to justify their actions. This group is cruel and should not be given the right to joke and revel in something so upsetting. No matter what your views on hunting or shooting are, it is ALWAYS wrong to celebrate the death and suffering of others and the pain their families go through

Such bullying should not be tolerated and we call for Facebook to take action against them by removing the page and permanently banning those who have created it or made inappropriate comments on it.

Facebook seem reluctant to respond to constant reporting of the page, and if they do respond, they refuse to take it down.

The page in question:


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By signing this petition you are expressing your disgust at such pages and are calling for Facebook to take them down.


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It is unacceptable that Facebook refuse to pages dedicated to celebrating death and injuries of people, and the pain of their families


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