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Tell of the damage Maggie Thatcher did me & our community in a Book of Celebration of her death

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If you feel that Thatcher showed no mercy to anybody who got in her way and ruined the lives of millions of decent Britons this is your opportunity to put your feelings on record, to let the world know.

Thatcher on society: "There is no such thing as society"                            Thatcher on feminism: "I hate feminism. It is a poison."                                 Thatcher on Mandela: "He is a terrorist."                                                                   Thatcher on Pinochet: "Welcome."                                                                    Thatcher on public transport  "A man who, beyond the age of 26, finds himself on a bus can count himself as a failure."                                                                Thatcher on miners strike "We had to fight the enemy without in the Falklands. We always have to be aware of the enemy within, which is much more difficult to fight and more dangerous to liberty."


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