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Sign this White House petition to end violence in the Congo

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Please sign the USA White House petition  to help stop the conflict in the DRC - Democratic Republic of the Congo. It will take only 2 minutes to sign our petition at (President Obama's White House website), and by following instructions to create an account with your email address and name.  Important, the White House immediately will send you an email and when you respond to it you are permitted to sign the petition.  When using one computer for multiple signers, each must sign out before the next can sign in.

Congo war victims ask you, and 10 people you know, to sign this petition to encourage President Obama to support important peace conferences in Washington, D.C., suggested by the war victims, representing millions inside and outside the DRC. They are opposed to the one offered by the foreign war lords and their allies, who caused the conflict, who wish to lure war victim leaders back into the dangerous Congo.  Victims seek to bring an end to conflict violence, and to restructure their country to protect human rights, and provide justice, rule of law, freedoms, liberty, and equality long absent in the Congo.  Please help stop the conflict - sign the petition.

The Congo (DRC) is a human slaughterhouse - the scene of the worst war on earth since WWII – the killing capital of the world (World Bank p. 5, footnote 11). See Oct. 2012 UN report on DRC mass murder.  Many are not well informed about this conflict that started in 1993 and continues to this day.

The millions of dead and wounded are mostly civilians. The Congo is the rape capital of the world. Women are violently raped every minute and often by mass attackers. 75 million civilians are unable to defend themselves against well armed "government" and rebel groups.  There are about 4 million children dead and millions more wounded due to various conflict causes.The driving force behind the wars is the foreign struggle over mineral wealth.  The DRC is one of the richest countries on earth, while the Congolese people are the poorest have-nots in the world. 73% of the population is unemployed with no hope for income. UNDP ranks DRC last among all countries on the "human development index." Transparency International ranks the DRC government (scroll down to "full table & rankings") as one of the most corrupt on earth. Watch this 3 minute video by John Prendergast, a former US State Department official and former Director forAfrican Affairs at the National Security Council, who now leads the EnoughProject to end genocide.  See this April 14, 2013 60 Minutes video about Kony who operates in NE Congo and who has slaughtered many. Read this nonfiction work King Leopold's Ghost, or see the documentary trailer King Leopold's Ghost on You Tube. See for more details.

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