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To Help Make a Dream come Tru & to support Sports in America. 100% Healthy Fun. SB XLVII (48) In MetLife Stadium is in Feb of 2014. Lets Help Make sure The G-men are in OUR OWN HOUSE for SB XLVIII (48) @METLIFE STADIUM. HLP Make A Dream Come True, HELP Send me to New York to become @new_york_giants & NFL's 1st HypeMan. Support & Being Pumped up before every Game is very Important. To keep telling Player's LET'S GO!!- GREAT JOB!!- DONT GIVE UP!!- ITS NOT OVER TILL ITS OVER!!-, KEEP BELIEVING!!- to keep their minds- hearts- body & Soul in the game. (I'm the Man for the Job) THANX EVERYBODY.

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