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UIDAI and State Governments that have signed MOU with UIDAI on implementation of Aadhaar card.

At present, Aadhaar is not mandatory for all citizens. But increasingly it would be a key identifier for all civic transactions. The current process to register and apply for the Aadhaar card is very difficult - especially for Senior Citizens, Handicapped and the Sick who are incapable of rushing to a remote registration center early in the morning to stand in line for tokens.

Here is a proposal to ease this process for such citizenry amongst us:

  1. Create mobile registration centers - that would move all over the towns and visit different areas on a schedule that is announced well in advance. These centers would be equipped to collect all biometric data and verify documentation. These mobile vehicles should do 8 AM to 8 PM service (2 shifts) and cover all urban cities to start with.
  2. Provide online appointment booking facility for these mobile registration centers.
  3. Involve Apartment Associations and other such registered bodies to help facilitate registration of elderly and the disabled.
  4. Ensure that non-mobile centers identified for Aadhaar registration are disabled friendly (i.e. have ease of access).


Ganesh Ramchandra

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How this will help

Your support would provide the much needed impetus to making Aadhaar card implementation a true success and help the elderly and others with disabilities join in the mainstream.

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