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Public request to the City Hall Galati:

1. Start an identification database of all the street dogs and companion dogs from Galati region (which ideally will transform into a complete national database soon) to limit the numerous abandon cases.

2. The identification database would be useful to keep correct records of dogs vaccinated to control diseases which can affect other animals, also people – a major concern for public health!

3. Sterilization of all the dogs (pets and strays), by working with the local veterinary offices which agreed a reasonable price, negotiated up-front.

In case people sterilize their own pets, maybe a tax deduction should be offered as preventing puppies to born means saving lots of public money in the long run.

In case people refuse to sterilize their pets or hide their protégées from outside their apartment, a fine should be applied.

4. Renovating the local pound to meet the EU standards before placing any animals in and until these renovations completed, releasing the prisoners from the current filthy place.

5. Work with the local charities to educate the public about respecting animals’ rights.

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Save Romania Street Dogs

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How this will help

You learn every day about more public shelters across Romania where dogs are prisoners of the indifference, corruption and cruelty.
Following a campaign started more than a year ago,...

You learn every day about more public shelters across Romania where dogs are prisoners of the indifference, corruption and cruelty.
Following a campaign started more than a year ago, addressed to the national authorities, demanding them to close down (and renovate) the public shelters or the unauthorized "shelters" where dogs are kept in chains, or left starve, die of contagious diseases, be killed by stronger dogs to be eaten, etc

A social problem of such insalubrious places is the danger that they represent for the community's health and we can mention just a few of the major reasons of concern:
Dogs are not vaccinated so they get sick immediately in dirty environment, living between their own excrement, everything is stinky, rusty and dirty around.
Sick dogs are sharing the same space with the healthy ones, contaminating them immediately.
The immune system of these dogs kept in dirt and often, in dark paddocks (these dogs do not see the sun light!) is so weak that they get sick or if rescued, it takes months and months to bring them back to normal.
The dogs from the public pounds (and often from private "shelters") are fed with products, aliments which are in the best scenario expired, but mostly refused from the stores. Considering the recent worries related to the origin of some sort of meat, feeding dogs with products of unknown (or suspicious) origin increases the public concern about the general health of these dogs.

In Galati there are two public shelters (PS). 100-150 dogs are in each PS. We do not know the criteria followed for catching and placing this relatively small number of street dogs in these two filthy PS while thousands and thousands are free, multiplying. For sure, the reason why 100-150 dogs are incarcerated is not to stop them reproducing or to decrease their number.
We can easily guess why this number is "sacrificed' but without having evidences, we limit our suppositions by simply asking ourselves, in the hope that one day, we will receive an official answer.

Considering the social and economic real aspects of daily life in Galati, Romania, we would like to make a public proposal (which represent the petition text) to the Galati City Hall.In case you agree with it, please sign this petition!


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