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Prime Minister of India

Dear Prime Minister,

We request you to immediately grant political asylum to about 480 Hindu refugees, who have been camping in Bijwasan, Delhi, for one month and are now fearing deportation to Pakistan as their visa expires on the 8th April 2013. Some of them would prefer death to being forced to return to that country where they had no freedom to practise their religion, where their daughters had to be married off at the age of ten to save them from Muslim fundamentalists, who, otherwise, could kidnap and convert them.

India, which is now also home to tens of millions of Bangladeshi illegals, can definitely take in a few hundred Hindus who had left their homes and hearths to protect thier religion and their families' honour. In fact, we would entreat your government to lay down a policy that no Hindu or Sikh refugee whould ever be sent back to Pakistan and that, in due course, they all would be given Indian citizenship.



The undersigned.


Kanan Jaswal

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Give a life of religious freedom and human dignity to Hindu refugees from Pakistan!


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