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I am excited about this opportunity to present to the intellectual and small business communities the film "To Catch A Dollar" about the life and work of Dr. Muhammad Yunus. My name is Jacqueline G. Gray. I am both a Social Entrepreneur and an Independent Contractor for FedEx Custom Critical doing business as Choice Critical Expediters LLC. I became interested in Dr. Muhammad Yunus work when I realized I was no different than the women in India, Africa and Asia. I am literally invisible and unaccounted for in America. Like the women presented in the film I too have a real life story to tell about how a lack of resources have kept me in poverty and operating in survival mode.  Instead of feeling hopeless and defeated, I began to research options that most people don't see. I found and started to follow Dr. Muhammad Yunus work and there I found my passion and calling plus empowerment options and opportunities. As an end result, I am the perfect host for the "To Catch A Dollar Film" and I personally asked to be appointed  Ambassador for Grameen Bank on America in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. I hope to see in my lifetime poverty eradicated from the lives of people with a business plan to grow their micro-enterprises.

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