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Since, past two years when the CBSE board had made class 10 examinations optional in order to remove the phantom of 'Board Exams' stress in students has now resulted in a very few takers.

Board Exams are continuing to be the most preferred choice over the Internal test among all stake holders, which includes affiliated schools. The sources revealed that maximum percentile of both students as well as parents are finding ease with the old system. Also, many schools in the city has already challenged the CBSE diktat and abandoned the internal exams collectively.

Students are now encouraged to go for Board exams, as they get more options in it. Here, a principal of Jain International school, Archana Vishvanath says "We recommend board examinations only. This gives children an option to take up any stream and appear for competitive exams too. A child might like to switch over to ICSE or IGCSE curriculum, apart from going for PU board.

A member of Board, Delhi Public School, Mansoor Ali Khan says that "There is no comparison between numbers of students opting for school-based examinations. In Delhi Public School North, 275 students opted for the board based test this year, while only 25 are going for the school-based one. It's the same trend in other centres too".

"While CBSE figures for 2011-12 show that only around 45% of students opted for board based exams, city schools beg to differ. Perhaps, the trend down south is different. I don't know how CBSE arrived at this conclusion, because we are witnessing just the reverse", added Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan.

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Under the new  pattern of CBSE (Central Board Of Secondary Education),  the  10th board exam, which will be applicable for the academic session 2010-2011, will start on March 1 this year and will  continue till March 23. The exam will be optional and can be replaced with an internal assessment, which would adopt a similar pattern of questions to those in the board exam. 

The new rule applies for only CBSE schools and its students. An aptitude exam will be conducted for the Class X students. CBSE has decided to take a strong stand on making the Class X board exam optional and implement CCE grading system and other alternatives.

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) grading system— with board exams being made optional from this academic year —is a new system of evaluation based on grades, has been approved. It includes formative and summative assessment of students to be done over two terms —first and second —during the year-long academic calendar. 

Aiming to make the school education relatively stress free, the government has decided to bring in the grading system in the school. The students will be graded for their overall performance throughout the year with more emphasis on CCE. Under this grading system, the students would be given grades like A+, A, B, C, D and E. 

Now, the students who wish to continue in the same school for their XII study will not be required to give the board examination but the recent educational reforms include a proposed online test for those students who will take a transfer from their school after Class X for further studies.

To follow the newly laid patterns, the city schools are fully prepared to conduct the examination for the first time. The DAV group of schools is one of the well-known educational institutes following CBSE curriculum in the city, and the principal from the Airoli branch, Rajiv Kumar said, "We are ready to welcome the new pattern of examination. We got the circular well in advance and according to the rules, we have already intimated the parents as well as the students.

They are asked to go for two choices: first, to send their wards to a center for giving the board exam where the question papers and marking system will be done by the appointed persons from board and secondly, the CCE evaluation which will be conducted by the school at the school premises following the guidance of the CBSE board."

Admitting his choice of evaluation Rajiv Kumar says, "as a principal, I am more interested in the CCE pattern, that is to conduct the board exam at the school. This year, we have 250 students who are appearing for the board exam and 50% of them are ready to take the examination under CCE patter in the school premises.

The students will be stress-free while sitting in their own environment and  writing papers under the supervision of the school itself. We have been conducting orientation programmes to cope with this new method and it will give them a clear notion about the new pattern."

From New Horizon group of schools, principal Bulbul Sengupta, head of Airoli branch, is also in favour of the CCE system. She said, "All new rules have some advantages as well as disadvantages. The main advantage is to make the children stress-free and at the same time, reduce the burden of  pressure of their parents.

The system will not only help in de-stressing students but it would also result in reducing  the number of suicidal cases. The disadvantages are that probably, some student will take it half-heartedly as they know that the examination will be conducted by their own school.  Anyway, the policy is good and we  are equipped to welcome it. 

And to make the Classes 8 and 9 students aware of it, we have already started to follow more or less the same pattern for them too." She added, "Sixty per cent of the evaluation has already been done by the school and only for 40% summative assessment, the students will have to write the papers. But it is completely the student's call to appear for writing the examination in school or prefer to sit  forthe board exams!"

Another well known school from the city, Bal  Bharti Public school, principal Mattoo  informed, "It is definitely a very good policy taken by the Ministry of Education for making an overall evaluation of the student. It would also create a stress-free environment for them.

From my school out of 92 students, 25 have opted for sitting for the board conducted exams, especially those who are interested to shift to other boards. For a clearer understanding of the framework and at the same time to  implement the pattern effectively, my staff, teachers and the headmistress had attended the training and workshops and have been collecting information from the website to keep abreast of the changes."


Alekhya Das

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How this will help

Boards exam only depend on the teachers that check the Mid-Term and Final Papers which is actually good as there is no partiality like CCE.
CCE is divided into 6 exams per year,
FA1,FA2,FA3,FA4 nd...

Boards exam only depend on the teachers that check the Mid-Term and Final Papers which is actually good as there is no partiality like CCE.
CCE is divided into 6 exams per year,
FA1,FA2,FA3,FA4 nd SA1 and SA2.

They also require project, elocution, viva,lab copies which takes up a lot of time and the student does not get to read the main studies for the rest year.

Whereas Boards Exam not is important of the Mid Term and Final Exam.
10 Boards also gives a practice as we all have to give compulsory 12 boards exam.

Therefore Boards is much better.

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