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Support me encouragingly and Zoo New England financially as I strive to lose weight.

You can help by making a monetary pledge for each lb I lose between April 6th and September 30th.  For instance, you could promise to give $1.00 for each lb I drop.  If I lose 20 lbs, you will make a $20.00 donation to Commonwealth Zoological Corporation.  Make your pledge using the COMMENTS section below.

My personal goal is to eat healthier and exercise, allowing me to steadily lose an average of 2-3 lbs per week.  I will post a message once a week updating you on my progress. 

My financial support of Zoo New England aka Commonwealth Zoological Corporation, is the purchase of a one year membership for $70.00.  This will grant me entry into Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo where I can walk, talk to the animals, and of course, take more photos.  Membership also gives me admission discounts at roughly 150 zoos and aquariums nationwide.  

Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo are both accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) Accreditation Commission. Only 218 (less than 10 percent) of the over 2,400 USDA-licensed animal exhibitors in the United States have met the high standards set by AZA.

Both zoos have incredible histories.

"Following drastic state budget cuts, Stone Zoo was forced to close in November of 1990 and nearly all the animals in its collection were placed in other facilities. The Friends to Reopen Stone Zoo, a grassroots community organization, rallied much community support and the Zoo reopened in June of 1992. Also in 1992, Gov. William Weld created the Commonwealth Zoological Corporation (d/b/a Zoo New England), a public-private partnership established to shift the operation of Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo from state-run to a non-profit corporation. When Stone Zoo reopened in 1992, there were only a few exhibits for the public to see. Since that time, Stone Zoo has flourished and grown under the care of Zoo New England." - Zoo New England website

"Originally envisioned as a gateway to the country by seminal park designer Frank Olmsted and reinterpreted as a municipal zoo by Fitzgerald's landscape architect Arthur Shurcliff, Franklin Park Zoo has in the past decade moved to align itself with the likes of state-of-the-art Bronx Zoo in New York City, and participates in collaborative breeding and conservation programs with other zoos around the country and world." - The Bay State Banner - Fran Cronin

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