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In recent weeks, North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un  revealed a US Mainland Strike Plan, in his sites U.S. bases in the Pacific, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Austin, Tex to attack.  He also declared war with South Korea and other surrounding countries, Japan & China to name a few.  For decades anyone not worshiping him or his family is sent to Concentration Camps. 200,000 people exist in these camps.

The North Korean government regards a political prisoner as an enemy, and concentration camps in North Korea are considered enemy-controlled areas. KBA 528. The Bowibu have near-absolute authority over all prisoners, and are seldom held accountable if their arbitrary beatings and tortures cause disfigurement or death. KBA 559-60.

Prisoners in the camps live according to ten basic rules:

1. You must not escape.

2. Three or more inmates must not meet together.

3. You must not steal.

4. You must absolutely obey orders of the Protection Agency guidance officers.

5. You must immediately report if you saw any outsiders or suspicious people.

6. All inmates must carefully watch over each other and immediately report each other's unusual behavior.

7. You must over-fulfill all tasks assigned to you.

8. Unless it is job-related, no contact between male and female is allowed.

9. You must be truly remorseful for your own mistakes.

10. You shall be immediately shot by firing squad if you ever violate these laws and regulations of the camp. [KBA 559-60]

The constant hunger drives prisoners to eat almost anything they can catch, including frogs, snakes, rats, worms, squirrels, and grass. KBA 555-56. Yet a prisoner can be shot on the spot for eating anything other than what he is given in his meager rations. The tales of cannibalism due to the extreme hunger the prisoners experienced was probably the most horrifying.

Female Prisoners

In practice, however, guards routinely rape or coerce female prisoners sexually. If a female prisoner becomes pregnant, the child will be killed through an involuntary abortion, or by infanticide after birth. For detainees who arrive at the camps already pregnant, however, treatments vary; some may even be returned home. 

Pretty maidens aged 21 to 25 are selected among female inmates, bathed and then sent to them. After the officials make a sexual plaything of those females, they charge the women with fleeing and kill them to keep secrets.

Account from one survivor:

*Tried to commit suicide.

*Place is full of crying and shrieking.

*People crawling because so badly beaten.

*Painful form of torture was to insert very sharp bamboo needles under my fingernail and push them up the finger to the first knuckle.

*My job was to dig in a mine 720m below the surface.

*Taught to face the wall, put my hands on the back of my head, keep my forehead glued to the ground, and remain motionless until the security agent had passed by.

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