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April is Spondylitis Awareness Month, and May 4th is World AS Day. This year's Spondylitis Awareness project aims to bring faster diagnosis!

The average delay in diagnosing Spondylitis is 7 – 10 years. Help us reduce that number by reaching the medical professionals often visited by the undiagnosed: The Chiropractors.

Currently 5% of AS patients are diagnosed thanks to knowledgeable chiropractors who suspect Spondylitis. Help us make ALL chiropractors knowledgeable about AS and get spondylitis on their radar! 

Help us place an ad in the prestigious American Chiropractic Association (ACA) magazine, "ACA News"! The magazine is seen by 30,000 chiropractors nationwide and we want to place a FULL PAGE, Full Color spondylitis educational ad in this flagship publication. We need YOU to be able to do this!

The size of the ad we place, and the number of times we can run it depends on the success of this campaign. We're aiming at $2,000 to start with, and to help us reach our goal we have some goodies to give away!

Donate today to this project and we'll thank you by sending you even more tools to raise spondylitis awareness:

·  Donate $25 and receive two Stand Tall Wristbands.

·  Donate $50 and receive a ten-pack of our Stand Tall Wristbands.

·  Donate $75 and receive two Stand Tall Wristbands, plus a heavy-duty (and very cool!) SAA coffee mug.

·  Donate $150 and receive two Stand Tall Wristbands, plus our totally awesome AND sturdy SAA tote bag.

Get involved and help us make sure that the nation's chiropractors truly have our backs!


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