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Americans determined to help save our children from pedaphiles

I was brutally raped by this man and because of my fear and shame did not report him to the athoritites. I did however go to a Dr who offered me emotional support above and beyone what was required. I also sounght counseling from a paston for many years even moving into my church because I have a fear of living alone.I did become pregnant from this assault and as a result of the fear I now had of leaving my home I neglected to have my daughters shots kept up to date and as a result of that I lost her to DCFS. From day one I begged them to keep her from this sexual sadist and described to them what he had done. I of course began working on mu case plan to get my daughter home. I got a job, a home of my own, took parenting classes, and even took addiction treatmant. As I was going through this process my daughters foster mother whom has been fostering for over 20 years and is one of the best women I know informed me that my daughter 2 at the time would return from visits at my rapists homes having nightmares, she was compleetly unpaotty trained, refuseedt to allow herelf to be wiped, her panites taken down, or have herself wiped after using the potty. When her foster mother addressed the issue and asked my child if something was happening and she said yes that he had been touching her between her legs. When the foster mother told me this I knew then it was time to forget my own fear and shame and go to the police to tell them not only what he had done to me but also what I suspected he was doing to my daughter. Upon giving the report I was naturally an emotioncal wreck as any loving parent would be, and felt that the detective wasn't listening to what I had to say. The next day my suspicions were confimed when I was given a citation charging me with criminal mishchief for filing false police report. You see, in our town money talk and know the rest. The judge on the case closed our case allowing my rapist full custody placing her in terrible danger. My daughter has been sleeping in the same bed with this man and the judge made a terrible mistake because he was never able to hear the entire case. My rape, nor her molestation have to this day not been investigated and although i've completed my family plan, never caused any trouble, never been arrested, never hurt my children, do not take illegal drugs, have a wonderful life and love them more than any mother would love her children. I have not lost my son, he is still safely at home and thriving except for the gaping whole that's left in his 9 year old heart by the loss of his little sister whom he worships, and not able to understand the accusations against me claiming i'm not a good mother as he thinks i'm the best. So while a rapist has free reign over my beautiful 3 year old I am alllowed nothing more than superviised visitaion. And those visitation orders are indeed not being honored either but as I have no attorney I seem to have no rights either. Not only was my rapist been given my daughter but he was also given my new phone number and address which caused me to be chased from my home town fillled with the only family I have including my kids. The DA has offered to drop the charges of criminal mischief but that would mean the other rape case and molestation case would never be investigated and that to me is unacceptable. Needless to say, I do have the support of the foster mother whom originally gave me the information that caused me to make the police report will be in court the testify that I told the truth and stand up for me, and that should take care of the criminal mischief charge at the least and be very helpful. The sooner this is all over the better off we will all be because I am recieving harrassing phone calls, texts, emails, and facebook messages from either him or his wife and it is getting close to driving me to suicide (which i'vd very recently volentarily had myself comitted for suicidal tendencies) or homicide which is the last thing I or my children need althoug i'd be a hero for ridding society of such a monster. No one is listening to me in the law enforcment community so maybe I can get help here and can stop nailing my doors and windows shut, stop fearing opening the doors when someone unexpectadly stops by                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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In order to make it public knowledge that you can't see these people and know thye are monsters, and just because they came from a good family does not make them a good person themselves. Danger...

In order to make it public knowledge that you can't see these people and know thye are monsters, and just because they came from a good family does not make them a good person themselves. Danger is everywhere and unreconizable in affffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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