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There is a school that resembles " Boys Town" that is saving the lives of high school boys, in a place called Kfar Zeitim, near Tiberias, Israel. They take in boys who have been abandoned by their families and their communities.

These boys receive all of the items they never did at home including feeling loved,  an education in a trade, self confidence, and a family to depend on. The boys learn how to be electricians, wood craftsmen, builders, and more. They build the cabins they live in, the chairs they sit on, the tables they eat on, and so much more.

The boys also all learn to ride horses, receive therapy, and learn torah. Upon graduation they have the skills and the confidence to make it in life. Many go on to serve in the IDF and all of them become contributing members of The State of Israel.

It is the most amazing place I have ever seen in my entire life. If saving one life is akin to saving the entire world then Yehudah Herzlich and his staff are saving the universe.

We are currently raising money to build a Basketball on the site for the boys.

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