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One in four women in the United States will experience some form of domestic violence in her lifetime. Within Asian/Pacific Islander communities, the rate of domestic and sexual violence is acutely disturbing. Approximately 41-61% of Asian women have reported experiencing violence by an intimate partner. The ability of an Asian/Pacific Islander victim to access critical lifesaving services that are both linguistically and culturally appropriate will often determine whether that victim will survive.


Since 1996, we have worked to support survivors who have had the courage to stand up against abuse. Our mission is to address, prevent and end domestic violence and sexual assault in Asian/Pacific Islander communities while empowering survivors to rebuild their lives after abuse. In 2012, we provided services to 159 survivors in the Washington, DC metro area, informed 2,000 community members about the dynamics of domestic violence and facilitated 17 basic domestic violence and cultural competency trainings. This was accomplished with just 2 full-time staff and a dedicated team of advocates and volunteers.

Today, we are asking for your support to ensure that these survivors continue to get the critical services they need.  Every dollar donated will go directly toward sustaining programs that save and support lives.  Together, we can ensure that survivors have somewhere to turn. 

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