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The project calls for restoring the school boat, constructing the desks, tables and chairs, and sponsoring three teachers on a monthly basis. Total project costs are $15,000 with additional amount to pay teachers. Jordan International Aid will pay the teachers a total of $150 per month for 3 teachers every month for a year.

UNICEF originally donated the school boat approximately 10 years ago, but with the rugged Cambodian climate (extreme heat and heavy rains) and no upkeep, the school boat is in an unusable condition. The school stopped functioning over a year ago, so the children of the village are currently not receiving any education.

What are the funds for? 

Funds will be used for 63 desks and/or tables and chairs. The cost of these items total $1,575. See the quote sheet for a breakdown of total expenses for the entire building project. The additional amount will be used towards building materials; steel and aluminum for the actual building repairs. Transaction fee has been added to the amount in order for the entire $2,000 to reach the school.

Where is this project? 

The project will serve the Peakanteal Village in the Battambang District of Cambodia. This is a floating village of approximately 100 families where the majority earn a living by fishing. It is extremely poor and majority of the people are uneducated and fight to survive on a daily basis.

The village is not even recognized as a village by the government, and here in Cambodia, the government has historically favored only itself, and not the people. The village cannot hope to receive anything from its government.

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