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When our Partnership2gether Womens Exchange delegation recently visited Pisgot Elementary School's after-school program for disadvantaged Ethiopian Israelis, we found a situation that demanded our attention. With too many students and not enough staff, many of these children are not receiving the extra help they need with basic reading and math. Please help these children, already at risk culturally and socio-economically, to become productive and valuable members of their community. 

Pisgot Elementary School is located in our Federation's sister city in Kiryat Bialik, Israel, and provides support for Ethiopian Israeli children, many of which lag years behind other children their age. With just one extra staff member, the children will be able to learn in groups at their own level when receiving academic tutoring. They will also be able to enjoy currently unavailable enrichment activities to boost their self-esteem.   

Our goal of $6,000 will fund one additional teacher for one year but will ensure a lifetime of advantages for those children touched by their guidance. We have already raised $2,000 toward our goal; please help us raise the remaining $4,000.

Thank you,
Nel Bloom, Joint Fundraiser Chair
Kathy Green, Women's Exchange Chair
Nancy Gefen
Monica Goldstein
Debbie Weisman
Denise Zimmerman

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