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Please support our cause to end for-profit pet stores that benefit from selling puppy mill dogs, large scale breeding operations, and selling animals without ensuring that they have received adequate and appropriate medical care.  Puppy Zone in Knoxville, TN buys and sells puppies without disclosing to the public where the dogs are purchased from, does not provide for all the puppies to receive adequate veternary care, and sells the puppies in conditions that cause the dogs to be stressed out and manhandled but numerous adults and children daily.  Knox County, Tennessee destroyed more than 7,000 animals last year that were desperately waiting for their forever homes to come along.  Help educate and spread the word about and other local rescue groups and encourage people to adopt and not shop!  

There are peaceful protests scheduled monthly in front of puppy zone in Knoxville.  Visit our site and sign our guestbook at

Please join us in helping educate people on the dangers of buying a puppy from puppymills and encourage people to adopt dogs from rescue groups and shelters. 

Please visit our site and sign our guestbook:

For more information, please contact Lauren Biloski at [email protected]. is the host of a peaceful protest. We do not use aggression. Our purpose is to educate the public on buying puppymill dogs.

Protest Guidelines:

1. NO unsupervised children.
2. NO animals unless they are services animals.
3. NO PETA like signs; no sickly animals, cursing, or upsetting graphics or text.
4. NO blow horns or sound makers.
5. NO screaming at the public or ugly gestures (returning or otherwise).
6. Stay on public or authorized property.
7. Stay out of Puppy Zone day of.


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