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We urgently ask you to join Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Aldi in boycotting genetically modified monster salmon.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the final stages of deciding whether to allow genetically modified salmon on the market. If approved, the first genetically engineered salmon - dubbed "frankenfish" - could be on all of our dinner plates as early as 2014! 

Trudy Bialic from PCC Natural Markets, a chain of health food stores in Washington state, said: "We won't sell genetically engineered fish because we don't believe it is sustainable or healthy."  We need you to say the same!

With your help, we can prove to the FDA that there is no demand or need for this product. Say “no” ahead of time and tell the FDA that you will not stock their science project “salmon.” 


Jacob Litoff

We applaud Trader Joes, Whole Foods, PCC Natural Markeys & Aldi for taking action on behalf of consumers who want sustainable, natural seafood for their families. Now, we are asking Safeway, a lead grocery retailer, to follow suit and commit to not offer unlabeled and poorly researched genetically engineered seafood. 

What is genetically engineered salmon?

AquaBounty's AquAdvantage® Salmon, the first genetically engineered animal intended for human consumption of any kind (not just fish), has been proposed for commercial approval. AquAdvantage® Salmon are Atlantic salmon engineered to contain genes from an unrelated Pacific salmon and an Arctic eelpout.  These modifications cause the GE salmon to grow double the size and weigh twice as much as the typical Atlantic salmon (in only 18 months vs. the usual 3 years!)

Why is genetically engineered salmon a risk to consumers?

1. Unlabeled. Without GMO labeling, consumers will, in most cases, not have any way to distinguish "frankenfish" when it arrives in grocery stores and markets.

2. Precedence. Researchers are scrambling to engineer other fish, cows, chickens and pigs!  It is especially important that we deny the FDA the ability to approve GM salmon so a precedent is not set for other animals. None of these will be healthy to eat, and if none of us will sell or buy these genetically engineered foods then places like AquaBounty Technology will have to find other ways to spend their time and money, or simply just go out of business.

3. Potential harm to our health.  Limited testing has shown an increase in allergy-causing potential. AquAdvantage also contains elevated levels of the growth hormone, IGF-1, which is linked to prostate, breast and colon cancers.

4.  Potential environmental harm.  Genetically Engineered fish are not only proven to be unhealthy but will threaten to wipe the native salmon population out of existence by spreading disease and consuming massive amounts of the food native populations rely on for survival.

Our government seems to be supporting corporations like AquaBounty regardless of how destructive these corporations' goals may be.  So it is only us, the people, who can make the difference with what we tell our retailers, what we buy and what we leave untouched on the shelves. 

Sign the petition and share with your friends!  Let's make sure that "frankenfish" never reaches our dinner table!  


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