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Facebook, as the the most successful social network around by a long shot, exercises a fair amount of control over its users. This is understood and expected, as the website is free so it needs to harvest info that will give it a unique ability to offer prime real estate to advertisers that even Google is envious of. This being said, it seems excessive to secretly prohibit the removal of every like. Facebook apparently enforces a minimum of 20 'liked' pages. Do you feel the oppression crushing you? I do, and I am ready to push back with the support of anyone who has the courage to back me.

Our goal is to amass 1,000,000 signatures before the start of summer, so facebook will hear our cry for freedom and be forced to acknowledge us.
We are human beings and we deserve to be treated as such!


Carsen Kelliher

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How this will help

I am making this stand because I want to "unlike" everything except for snails, because snails are super cool.

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