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No human is illegal.

Would you call someone an "illegal driver" if they ran a red light? Of course not. Media giants including NBC, Fox New Latino, CBS, CNN, San Antonio Express, and Miami Herald have realized how inaccurate and dehumanizing the term "illegal immigrant" is and they have stopped using it.

Now it's time for the New York Times to join them. The New York Times continues to use the term "illegal immigrant" even though linguists have proven it inaccurate and historians have categorized it as a slur.

In late 2013 The New York Times wrote, "readers would not benefit from banning the term "illegal immigrant"." Lets show the New York Times they are wrong -- our country would benefit.

In a conversation as timely and important as immigration, it is critical we are talking about it correctly. The New York Times has a responsibility to all American's, documented or not, to report in the most accurate and professional tone. They are not doing that right now. We deserve better.


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