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Do you believe that if you are arrested for any reason that you will automatically get a phone call to a lawyer or to your work or home if you are detained by the police? The answer is NO!!!! Not necessarily. 

I and many others have been arrested for minor breaches of the law in Christchurch, New Zealand, and have NOT been 'allowed' a phone call either to a lawyer or to our homes, even though we asked clearly and persistently for those phone calls. To me and others that have experienced this, this effectively equates to kidnapping (Crimes Act 1961, 209:b)

This is a major breach of trust and sends a very clear message to those who experience it : You have NO rights while in police custody. These breaches occurred at Christchurch central police station. This is a breach against the law. The NZ Police website itself states that:  

'If you are questioned, detained or arrested by Police, your legal rights are:

You have the right to consult and instruct a lawyer, in private and without delay

You have the right to refrain from making a statement

You have the right to ask why you are being questioned, detained, or arrested."

(my italics). 

I made a complaint to the Police Conduct Authority about the treatment I received, and was given an apology, which I didn't accept. But since then, I have discovered that many others have received the same illegal treatment. This is an outright abuse of police power and must be stopped. 

I would like an independent review to be conducted, methodically investigating the experience of every person who has been arrested and detained in custody overnight at the Christchurch central police station since the Sept 2011 earthquake. 

Once this information has been collated and the extent of the abuse of police powers has been established, each officer involved in these abuses must be made responsible for his and her part in these serious breaches of the law. There needs to be some strategy or policies put in place so that this corruption cannot continue.


Lis Cotter

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I would like those who support this cause, to sign and share this petition. This petition will be then delivered to the media, the Ombudsman, the Minister of Justice and the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

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