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My birthday is on April 24th, and, for the fourth
year in a row, my birthday cause is the National Inclusion Project. As most of
my friends know, I was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in middle school. My junior year of high school, I found out about Clay Aiken's foundation, the
Bubel/Aiken Foundation (now the National Inclusion Project), and everything
turned around for me.

This is a very special cause for me. Instead of asking for presents, I'm asking
you to please donate what you can. Thanks! ~Jackie

National Inclusion Project

Before Clay Aiken became a music superstar, he worked at a summer camp and was disappointed when he saw that disabled children were not allowed to participate in many of the programs. So Clay eventually helped start National Inclusion Project, which works with schools and summer camps to help create a curriculum and programs that integrate kids with and without disabilities. The National Inclusion Project partners with different organizations, trains their staff and makes sure that their programs are more inclusive for children of all types. Clay is excited at the opportunity to put his charity on the map and to stand up for kids who are frequently on the sidelines.

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