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One of the worse things I have ever heard from a doctor is....."your daughter's EEG shows signs of slow brainwaves, and complex seizures of the left temporal lobe of the brain. She is having more seizures when she sleeps. She is on two medications for these seizures and they are not helping much, this is not good!"

I know that many of you are wondering what a service dog can do to help our Little Lilly, and why it is so important for her to get her dog. So here are a few things Lilly's dog will be trained to do for her~
The dog will be trained to alert us before Lilly has a seizure, giving us enough time to get her to a safe spot, giving us warning to prepare her PRN medications to stop her seizure or while we are sleeping her dog will sense the seizure and, wake us up to attend to Lilly's needs.
Lilly's dog will also be trained to distract her while she is going through one of the many uncomfortable tests and procedures children with epilepsy often have to go through.
Lilly's dog may also help her to make friends acting as a barrier breaker. Epilepsy is something that can be very intimidating and scary to other children and even to adults who do not understand what a seizure is or why they happen.

Epilepsy takes away many freedoms that we often take for granted in our everyday lives such as sleeping in her own bed, or even a regular bed. If Lilly is not sleeping in bed with me , or even being able to play at a friend's house. This service dog will help give Lilly back some of those freedoms.

4 Paws for Ability will train Lilly's Service Dog to sense a seizure prior to Lilly having one. This will help us give Lilly her emergency medications faster, prepare to call 911 when needed, and get Lilly medical faster. Seizures can cause brain damage and even death


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