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STOP celebrating HITLER's Birthday 4/20

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Folks, 420 has NOTHING to do with this sacred plant called Marijuana.     Why then are we continuing to celebrate this day?  Ak your self this question. 

We should always be conscious of everything we participate in.                       I urge you, to take a stand before it is too late; and we are known as the country who celebrates Hitler's birthday. 

This plant is sacred and must NOT be tainted by untruth.    FACT:  Smoking the sacred plant has been practiced in Native American tribes, and also practiced in ancient Hindu sects, such as Shaivism, refering to Shiva.             In Shaivism, Shivas birthday is celebrated on the full-moon in the month of February.   So Shiva's celebration for 2014 will be on the night of February 14 until Feb 15th, 2014.

 Now that you know the TRUTH!  Please pass this along and make the commitment today.  Change the date and honor the sacred plant!   May truth prevail on Earth!  Please make the commitment today and share this!

Thank you for believing and honoring our sacred rites upon the Earth.

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