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INDIAN RIGHTS [A fresh look into the upcoming generation}, is an organization concentrating on the literary levels in India with an extended hope to the women society

A programme conducted by the youngster of this era wanting to give free edecuation to children aged  4-14 and help those women from being harazzed and earn a living. The organization completely takes care of their needs and the basic amendities of life.

Key Objectives if I.R :

Ø  Target remote areas within a time frame and with available resources.

Ø  To provide quality edecuation to the needy.

Ø  To serve women under poverty lever.

Ø  To enhance the life structure of a child by providing basic nessicities.

Ø  To help children without any hindrances.

Ø  Providing them with immunisation and nutrition

Ø  Ensuring that they have a chance to join formal school

Ø  Exposing and preventing exploitative child labour practices and running prevention programs

Ø  During emergencies, we provide emergency supplies as well ensure that children are protected in safe places as well continue schooling

Management structure [belongs to we the people]

Any one and everyone can be a part of the organization by just updating the application and paying nominal charges of INR Rs.1100/-, which will be used for the well being of the illiterates.


A commodity accountable in the eyes of individual for being worthy

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